How Often Should I Clean My BBQ Grill

How often should I get my grill cleaned?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. It all depends on how often you use your BBQ grill and how you want it to look. We suggest professional barbecue grill cleaning at least twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. For avid grillers, a general rule of thumb is to scrub it down quarterly. We always recommend getting it cleaned before that big backyard party or any one of the special BBQ cooking holidays – Memorial Day, 4th of July, Pioneer Day, Labor Day.

There are three telltale signs it may be time to give your barbecue grill a professional scrubbing. 

First: general appearance. Do you notice crust or residue on the bottom? Is the lid coated or splattered in grease or grime? Have you stopped getting those coveted grill marks? 

Second: odor. When you fire up your grill, does a less than pleasant charred smell arise? Too much BBQ smell before you’ve cooked anything means there’s lingering grease, dirt or food inside. 

Third: smoke. A clean grill shouldn’t smolder. A light smoke is normal; a heavy, cloudy smoke caused by excessive grease buildup and leftover food is not.

What can I do to maintain my grill after you leave?

This is another question we get asked a lot. There are a few things we recommend you can do in-between cleanings, but no matter how diligent you are there will come a time when you just can’t keep up with the grease build-up and a professional cleaning will be required again.

  •  Keep your grilled covered when not in use.
  •  Use a clean metal wire brush after you grill to remove the food particles – especially if you cook with sauces. Don’t let the sauces sit on the grates as they contain acids and will rust the grates.
  •  Clean out your drip tray.
  •  Occasionally soak your grates in a tub of hot water and Dawn dish soap. This will help loosen the tough baked-on particles.
  •  Wipe the grates down with a high smoke point oil to help prevent the rust from forming and food from sticking.