A Clean Grill is a Safe Grill

There’s absolutely no doubt about it … A clean grill is a safe and efficient grill. You got that right. Cleaning your grill on the regular is the best way to ensure safety and optimum performance when grilling up all of your signature BBQ dishes.


Did you know greasy buildup is the leading cause of grill fires? It’s true. Stuck on grease can catch flame and hinder the performance of your grill. Charred meats exposed to direct heat are even said to contain carcinogens that cause cancer. Gross! Limit your exposure to this harmful, carcinogenic charring by barbecuing on a clean grill. A deep cleaning is ideal to prep your grill for the upcoming grilling season, and light cleaning will keep it in tiptop shape between detailed washes. We offer full cleanings and surface cleanings to meet the needs of grill masters with varying concerns.


Though we focus a great deal on safe grilling here at BBQ Service Pro’s, we have also found that a dirty grill can affect the flavor of your food. Start fresh with a clean slate each time you grill to make sure no remnants from a previous BBQ are left over. A thorough cleaning is recommended before each backyard BBQ so you can showcase your culinary skills with flavors that are pronounced and prominent. This allows you to change spices, flavorings, marinades, rubs and wood types without worrying about contamination from previous grill usage.

Bug Prevention

Another reason why we suggest frequent cleanings is because they ward off pests looking for a bite to eat. The gunk left on grills after cooking attracts all kinds of bugs, so you better smarten up if you know what’s best for you and your family. You don’t want insects swarming around trying to feed themselves with droppings that fall between grill grates. To keep these pesky bugs away while backyard entertaining, have your grill professionally cleaned when done using it.

Performance & Appearance

A clean grill is proven to perform better and look better than a dirty grill. By cleaning all corners of the inside and outside, we help prolong the life of your grill. Cleanings are shown to prevent corrosion, keeping your grill in pristine condition for years and years to come. Grills are expensive to replace, so you best maintain the one you got. We provide the cleaning. You handle the grilling.

Fire prevention starts with awareness. Now that you are aware of our top reasons why grill cleaning is so important, we hope you practice responsible grilling this summer and beyond. Experienced and equipped with commercial grade cleaning products, our crew is prepared to improve the safety and the performance of your grill. We thoroughly clean all parts and components, leaving no trace of gunk, goo or residue behind. Once clean, your grill will perform and look like new.

We have had the pleasure of cleaning grills for local grilling teams, home chefs and dining establishments that serve some of the area’s most sought after BBQ. We clean much deeper than any other grill cleaners in these parts. Choose the leading grill cleaning service to take advantage of a safer and healthier grilling experience.

The premiere grill cleaning professionals long preferred by Phoenix and Scottsdale residents, we go the distance. Our team is highly knowledgeable in regards to what a deep cleaning entails. We are at your service. Let us show you the difference. We guarantee you won’t regret it. Give us a call to schedule your cleaning today!