When to have your Barbecue Cleaned and Repaired Onsite vs. Sending it to the Shop

We advertise on our website we can either clean your barbecue on site or we can take it to our shop and return it to you. The majority of our cleaning and repairs are done at your home. You can be present and see the process we use in giving your barbecue a thorough cleaning. We go over the unit with you after the job is complete. Any repairs that need to be done are also done on site. Sometimes the job requires a second trip to your home. The service call charge we request is just one service call. In other events where the barbecues repairs are a bit more extensive, such as replacing broken valves, we may recommend we take your barbecue to our shop to complete the job. We are honest and provide fair estimates before the job is performed. We aren’t like other barbecue repair companies who often times will bait and switch you. Other companies will provide an initial estimate, then when the job is complete you are hit with an extensive bill. We on the other hand will let you know what parts are required and the cost to you.

Have you trusted another company to take your barbecue away on Monday, then Friday comes and it doesn’t seem like the same barbecue? Maybe it was just in desperate need of a thorough cleaning and you aren’t used to looking at a clean barbecue. Possibly the technician switched barbecues on you. Maybe the parts are a little different. Or once you go to cook, you notice the flavor of your food just isn’t the same. Then come to think of it, the cooking grids aren’t made of the same cast iron you used to cook on. What do you do? Call the technician and come off a bit crazy or accusatory? Let it go and remain frustrated with the decision that was made? Well, going forward, trust an honest company that has been servicing barbecues, patio heaters, table top heaters, fireplaces for over 30 years. Call BBQ Service Pro’s.