Do Patio Heaters Work?

Do Patio Heaters Work?

People who love the outdoors are willing to put up with a lot to stay out there. However, staying warm outdoors can be challenging as the colder months arrive. One such solution is the patio heater, but do patio heaters work?

The short answer is yes, but you need to be aware of the effective distance. Each patio heater has a different power source and level, making these heaters effective at different distances. Ideally, you will want one that measures the reach of your patio space.

Below, we will provide you a few methods you can use to determine the reach of your patio heater.

Different Methods To Determine How Effective Your Patio Heater Is

Method #1: Distance Claims

The first method you can use to determine the effectiveness of patio heaters is from their claims. Each patio heater will make some distance claim based on several factors.

You’ll want to pay attention to those claims and apply them to the space of your patio. Pay attention to those advertisements, as false advertising can entitle you to a refund or replacement if the patio heater is ineffective.

Method #2: BTUs

The British Thermal Units (BTUs) are a great way to determine the power source of your heater. This technique applies to heaters, gas grills, and anything that burns fuel for heat.

Bear in mind that more significant numbers are part of more attractive advertising. The BTUs are a good measure of effectiveness, but they won’t always be efficient.

Most of the time, you’ll find that no patio heaters can cover an entire space. Typically, you’ll want to pick a specific patio space you plan on using.

If you plan to have guests over, it would be best to rent multiple patio heaters. More extensive patios require more than 200 thousand BTUs to heat complete spaces.  Given that the cost of this energy use can add up quickly, you won’t want to overdo it.

Method #3: Good Brands & Customer Reviews

Another way to determine the effectiveness of patio heaters is through experience. This experience comes in one of three forms:

  • Ask someone you trust
  • Check out online reviews
  • Go with a brand that has a good reputation

If you know someone who owns a patio heater, come by for a visit. Anything can be an excuse to chat, and you can ask to test out your friend’s patio heater in the process.

If you don’t know anyone who owns a heater like this, your best bet is to check out online reviews. These can come in the form of customer reviews on the website or professional reviews by other bloggers.

You don’t necessarily have to buy them online; you can check out your local store and do research elsewhere. Before purchasing anything you want to rely on to stay warm, it’s good to do your research.

Wrap Up

If you want to purchase a solid patio heater, research is your friend. But if you need help servicing it, we offer that service in addition to barbeque cleaning.