20 Year Old Weber Grill Restored Like New!

We’re Partying Like It’s 1999!

One of our long-time clients had upgraded to a large, built-in grill and had stowed-away their little Weber™ Genesis in the back of their garage… about 15 years ago! It was well-used, not working, missing parts, and pretty much covered in dirt, dust, and whatever grease was hanging around from their last 2004 cook-out.

They told me about their little Weber™ and said they were about to take it to the curb. Then they asked me whether I wanted to salvage any parts from it first. It was in sad shape, but rather than kick it to the curb, I asked if I could just throw it in the back of my truck and take it home and assess it. I found the model and serial number. Turns out it’s 20 YEARS OLD! Built in America by Weber™ in May of 1999.

Well, this little Genesis had some life left in it! I scrubbed, degreased, and scoured it clean. I replaced the burners and flavor bars. I cleaned the igniter contacts and fit it with a new, up-to-date gas line and regulator, and then polished it up!

Not only does it like like new, but works like new too!

It fires up on the first touch of the igniter! The coated steel cooking grates are original and cleaned-up beautifully with our degreasing process and a little elbow grease. Everything from the igniter to the built-in thermometer work great! I updated the gas line and regulator to today’s safer versions. You can see that even the fuel level gauge still works, 20 years later!

We invested less than $100 in parts to get this 20 year old Genesis back to safe working order, and it’s ready for another 30 years of service in Scottsdale Grilling Paradise.

Let it be a lesson to all of us… Don’t give up on your grill! Call me and we can take a look at it together and decide if we can save it or not. You never know!

Has Your Grill Seen Better Days?

Whether it’s an expensive model or budget model, if your grill is still partying like it’s 1999, give us a call or email us at Barbequeservicepros@gmail.com. Grills can be expensive, and we can often restore them to as good-as-new condition for much less than the cost of a replacement grill. Our phone number is 480-589-2232.